Check out new version of Easy Redmine - 6.5

As of 10th December 2015, the official Easy Redmine release is 6.5. Check out features of new version and reach even higher efficiency!

Compatible Redmine version is 3.1.3 (since subrelease 2014.06.05.1002). More about subreleases here.

Except many minor patches and optimizations included, here are some new features.

Help Desk Automatic Ticket Updater

The existing feature Automatic ticket closer has been extended to ticket updater, because you can also choose open statuses and new assignee now. It is also possible to set multiple rules for automatic ticket updating. Just click on + Add

This feature can be configured in project settings >> helpdesk

redmine by easy helpdesk screenshot


CRM Case Relation to Task from Different Projects

It is now possible to relate CRM cases to tasks from other projects. This will help you better connect the business and realization sides of a contract.

redmine by easy crm connection screenshot


Milestone in Spent Time Listing

New column in spent time list showing milestone of the task, where time was logged.

redmine by easy time reportscreenshot


Exporting Tasks to PDF with Description

Export of task list to PDF with description enabled will show the description under each task instead of as a new column as previously.

redmine by easy export screenshot


Attendance Reports Expanded

Added result in absolute form.

redmine by easy attendance reportscreenshot


Global Settings Moved to Project Settings

The checkbox highlighted in the screenshot below (Administration >> Settings >> Task tracking) has been made a project setting, so you can enable/disable it only on projects where needed.

The setting is kept on the global level as well, but every change on this setting will affect all projects.

redmine by easy setting privatescreenshot


And new settings...

redmine by easy setting private project screenshot

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