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Improved design and user experience together with the most wanted Redmine features in 1 upgrade. It is Easy Redmine 10. If you are interested in this new version of Easy Redmine, just try it in a 30-day free trial or play the webinar recording.

Plus more than 25 professional business plugins for Resource Management, Agile Finances, Help Desk, CRM, DevOps, and more. This version is a major full-featured upgrade from the previous 2019 version, and it brings new features like Risk Management, Scheduler in sidebar calendar, new Test plans, new dependent custom fields, automatic due date calculation, improved security, and more for your Redmine.


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So here are the new features released in this version:

  • Risk Management - manage risks on projects and provide global risk reporting and overview for management
  • Scheduler in the toolbar - Calendar available in the toolbar now contains Scheduler data
  • New Test Plans for better test scenarios - a new entity called Test plan has been added to the Test case feature
  • New dependent custom fields - we created an option on how to set up dependencies between values of 2 different “List” custom fields
  • Due date calculation by task duration - let the due date be calculated automatically from the task duration for quicker task creation
  • Better safety protection with security lock - this feature activates a deadlock if any user enters an incorrect password several times
  • Attendance status of task assignees - when choosing an assignee of a task, you see his/her attendance status
  • Add flags to your projects - a new Color-format custom field can be added to any supported entity, such as projects, tasks, contacts, etc.


Author: Lukáš Beňa

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