Version update - Easy Redmine 6.4 is released

The new official Easy Redmine release is 6.4. Compatible Redmine version is 3.1.0. Check out new features!

Notable added features:

  • Easy Gantt PRO

    The biggest feature is inclusion of our brand new Gantt into Easy Redmine. Many of you have been waiting for it and now the time has come. In project settings >> modules enable Easy Gantt (+ Easy Baselines, if you will be using baselines).

    See features of the Easy Gantt PRO here.

    easy gantt pro in Easy Redmine v6.4 screenshot


  • WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV rejuvenated

    All functions can be enabled in administration >> settings >> general.

    WebDAV CalDAV CardDAV setting in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot

    WebDAV has been expanded to function with MS Office, adding to the current Libre Office compatibility.

    When opening a document, click the clould icon.

     attachment online editing in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


    Copy the link and paste to the dialogue for opening files in Office.

     set up online editing of attachments in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


    You will be prompted to enter your credentials in Easy Redmine. You may save the login for further use.

    After working on the document and changing the files, just save it. The changes will be saved as a new version of the same document and you wont need to upload it again.


    Synchronize your meetings in Easy Redmine to your mobile device.

    The process is the same for both. Use the following link in the caldav processing tool:
    [your domain]/caldav/easy_meeting
    for example

    Enter your login and password.

    Then just select these events to view in your mobile calendar.

    Be aware that in case of two-way synchronization, deleted events from your mobile may result in deletion in Easy Redmine.


    Contact synchronization between Easy Redmine and mobile devices.

    Similarily to caldav, iOS devices contain this function, Android requires and app:

    Enter URL of the application with the following:
    [your domain]/carddav/easy_contact

    Enter your login info and all your visible contacts in Easy Redmine will be available in your phone.

    Be aware that in case of two-way synchronization, deleted contacts from your mobile may result in deletion in Easy Redmine.




  • Whole task history available in helpdesk emails

    This much desired function is finally available. When sending a comment to external email you can have the whole ticket history added in the reply, instead of the current functionality, when only the task description is included.

    The history contains all comments, which are not set as private, their date and time. This will give the recipient a neat summary of your previous communication.

    It doesn't contain private comments, so that your internal communication is kept within Easy Redmine, and neither any attribute changes in the ticket journal (status change, assignee change,...).

    Here are the use possibilities:

    1. Without a template - if you do not select a template when sending the email, history will be automatically added beneath your current comment on the ticket. You will of course have the possibility to delete it, if not required.
    2. In a template - if you are using templates when sending emails from helpdesk, just add the new token %task_history% in the token, preferably somewhere near the bottom.

    Here is an example of such a template.


    set up helpdesk template in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


  • Rounding of attendnace

    It is now possible to set how the attendance arrival and departure are rounded. Go to administration >> plugins >> resource management bundle - attendance.

    set up round time in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


  • Default value for DATE custom fields is <<today>>

    When creating custom field on any entity in the format date (on any entity), you have the option of selecting today as the default value. If you select it, the date picker will dissapear.

    set up default value for date in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


  • Meeting calendar

    After a meeting is altered (change of date/time, invited users, meeting room,...), all the users are sent invitations again and their status is reset to pending approval.

    Also, there is a new permission added, which allows to see details of meetings of all users. A feature handy for office management.

    meeting calanedar upgrade in Easy Redmine screenshot


  • Default page of a project

    We have extended the possilble default pages to all the available modules in project settings.

    new default setting in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


  • Format of notification emails

    You can now choose format of the subject of mail notifications. In adminsitration >> settings >> email notifications. Whether to show the whole project path, or just the exact project (with some further differences).

    set up format of notification email in Easy Redmine 6.4 screenshot


  • Custom fields with formula for time entries

    We have added a new value which can be added to the formula. The value is the time entry itself. New variable is %{time_entry_hours}

  • Action buttons temporarily disabled

    This feature, which was in beta testing in the latest versions was fixed and stabilized for Easy Redmine 2016. From version 6.4, it has been removed until release of ER 2016. Thanks to suggestions and reports from our customers, we were able to repair all the significant issues and prepare it for the new generation of Easy Redmine.

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