Version update - Easy Redmine 6.2 is released

The new official Easy Redmine release is 6.2. Compatible Redmine version is 3.0.4. Check out new features!

Notable added features:

  • Search suggester

    Typing in the search will suggest results.

    Search Suggester Easy Redmine

    Setting of the suggester is in: administration >> settings >> generalSearch Suggester settings - Easy Redmine

  • Custom filtering of dates

    When filtering any entity by a date attribute, you have new options to limit the results.

    Custom filtering of dates Easy Redmine

    Select desired filtering.

     Custom filtering of dates-custom-Easy Redmine


  • Adding new task to a sprint

    Adding new task to a sprint Easy Redmine


  • Agile board module on dashboards

    When using Kanban board on personizable pages, you can select a particular sprint, which will always be shown on the particular dashboard (project overview, personal page, helpdesk dashboard,...). When disabled, the latest sprint is shown. This can be used for continuous sprints without an end date.


  • Link to the exact task journal entry

    Link to the exact task journal entry Easy Redmine

  • New attendance permissions

    Permission View attendance is separated from Use attendance (logging attendance entries) and Edit attendance permissions.


  • Alerts on saved filters

    When you have an alert configured for a saved query above tasks, you will receive an email with the whole task list with the selected columns to view.


  • Filter indicators

    On any query, when you have the default filter loaded, a new label will be displayed.

    Filter indicators Easy Redmine

    When you have all filtering conditions disabled, there is no indicator - no filters active.

    When you have at least one filtering condition enabled, the label active will be shown.

    Filter indicators Label Easy Redmine


  • Further features:

        • User setting - hide unimportant journal entries in task history (show only comments, hide attribute changes)
        • Last updated column on project list
        • Project ID column on project list (when project identifiers are enabled)
        • Mass workflow edit - change all values in column or row
        • Helpdesk spent time reporting - only count hours spent on default helpdesk tracker and trackers used in SLA

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