NEW FEATURE: Redmine XML & CSV data import (VIDEO tutorial)

New XML/CSV importer allows You to import any existing data into Easy Redmine. From now have all Your data in one application = Easy Redmine.

Importing data from one project management / company system to another can sometimes be littlle tricky, because not all the apps are import-export friendly. How to do it in fast but effective way? 

New Easy Redmine data importer is an ultimate tool when:

  • You need to migrate / synchronize data from existing system
  • You are switching company / project management system and need to transfer all data


Key benefits of Redmine data importer:

  • User-friendly solution
  • Import of any existing data
  • Fast
  • Real-time synchronization available
  • Supported formats - XML, CSV


Easy Redmine importer is ultimate solution when You import / synchoronize any data (from classic Redmine, MS Project, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Clarizen etc.).

Watch VIDEO tutorial or check out Redmine data importer documentation to learn more.


Redmine XML and CVS data importer - VIDEO tutorial



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