Lear Corporation is a global parts manufacturer and supplier for the automotive industry. In 34 countries, it has a total of 235 branches. The Czech branch started to use Easy Redmine because the originally used offline tools for project management seemed outdated and inefficient.

Original condition

Automotive industry is highly competitive and every innovation towards streamlining processes can have a major impact on the market success. The Czech branch of Lear Corporation previously used offline tools but, over time, they realized that projects could be run more efficiently.


"For project management, we used standard MS Project but the problem was that we were unable to share information about projects online. In addition, due to the high price of the user license, only few employees had the software. The rest of them used Microsoft Excel. It was impossible to conduct projects in one software, so there was misinformation. The project manager was not able to track the performance of individual tasks and the progress of projects."

Jan Krejci, IT manager at Lear Corporation Czech Republic


Reasons for choosing Easy Redmine (decision-making)

 "As the first choice towards improving our project management, we considered to establish online access to the existing MS Project software for all employees. However, this solution was cost-prohibitive and we were  for a cheaper alternative that would suit best our needs. Finally, we decided for Easy Redmine which meets all of our requirements including reasonable price. The fact that the software is backed by a Czech company plus a wide range of satisfied customers convinced us that the implementation and support should be smooth.“

Jan Krejci, IT manager at Lear Corporation Czech Republic


Implementation of the project management system

Lear Corporation is a global company and the implementation had to be approved by the multinational IT department. The final verdict was to be carried out by a director of the Czech branch, who approved the investment. The total duration of the implementation, including installation on a client server, system setup and training of employees took about 300 hours.

LEAR‘s top management in the USA is now considering integrating and using Easy Redmine for IT projects worldwide, in all the other branches of LEAR CORPORATION.


After the implementation of Easy Redmine

According to the company management the employees have a positive feedback on the functionality of Easy Redmine. Our team is continuously implementing further improvements based on the company's feedback.

"IT processes have become significantly more efficient after implementing Easy Redmine and the time of the staff is now productively utilized."

Jan Krejci, IT manager at Lear Corporation Czech Republic



Used plugin’s (beyond the basic functionality)


Easy Redmine Screenshot - Project Overview

Lear Corporation-Easy Redmine-Project Overview

  Easy Redmine Screenshot - Gantt Chart

Lear Corporation-Easy Redmine-Gantt Chart


Field: production of parts for automotive industry

Employees: Czech Rep 50+; Worldwide 130 000+
Original applications: MS project, Excel
Implementation in: 2014 

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