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How to use Project Price Calculations and Quotations

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How to get the plugin
How to (un)install the plugin
How to (de)activate the plugin
Global administration settings
How to use the plugin
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This is an Easy Redmine tool for comprehensive project price calculations and quotations. The price of the project is calculated from the tasks in the project, estimated time for realization, and hourly rates. User-defined calculation items such as material, license or anything else are also available. The description of the calculation can be added for quotation purposes and that can be exported with your logo and colors into a PDF.

The module is intended to be used for creation of plain quotations such as service projects where you just need to prepare a quotation for client's approval and subsequent invoicing a number of units listed in there. On the contrary, it's inappropriate for CRM projects, which often require more complexity than this plugin is able to provide. For CRM purposes it's recommended to use CRM module.

Key features

  • Project price calculation from project tasks and their estimated time
  • User defined calculation items such as material, licenses, etc.
  • Discounts per calculation item and a total discount
  • Export of calculation into a PDF with a logo and colors in a form of a price quotation
  • Transfer of the project price from calculation to project budget


How to get the plugin

This plugin is available as part of the Finance module in our Client zone.


How to (un)install the plugin

Please follow the installation instructions here. Although it is not necessary, Project Budgets and Cash flow plugin is recommended to be installed along with this one as you may benefit from sharing some data between the two, such as rates.


How to (de)activate the plugin

On the global level, the plugin can be activated or deactivated in More: Administration: Plugins: Finance Management: Project calculation.

Easy Redmine 2018 Project calculation 01.jpg

On the project level, the plugin can be activated or deactivated in project's Setting: Modules: Project calculation.

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Global administration settings

In More: Administration: Project calculation you select which trackers are allowed to be included in Project calculation module. That means that only tasks with these trackers will be listed. Don't forget to save any changes you make by clicking on the particular green button.

Easy Redmine 2018 Project calculation 03.jpg


How to use the plugin

Go to a particular project with the module enabled and open Project calculation tab from the top menu. If you see the following warning message, the project has disabled setting of activities when creating new tasks. That represents a little problem because activities must be set in order to enable price calculation.

Easy Redmine 2018 Project calculation 04.jpg

To fix the problem, just click on the particular link in the message box or go to project's Settings: Activities (spent time), tick the checkbox "Activity is selected when creating a task (or editing task)" and save the change. From now on, an activity must be selected when a new task is created, not any later. This is important in order to allow hourly rates to be calculated based on the activities.

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Additionally, it is necessary to enter rates by activity in the Money setting, otherwise, the tool will not be able to count the amounts.

Easy Redmine 2018 Project calculation 06.jpg

When everything is set up correctly, you may start filling up the project calculation form. Below is prepared a nice example of how such a form may look like with some sample data already entered. The form begins with basic information such as project name, client, supplier name, and contact details. Then it continues with header information where you can place project description, for example. Just click on the "Edit description" button. Following on, there is a list of all project tasks associated with the trackers allowed by global administration settings (explained before). Any tasks can be removed from this list by clicking on the minus button on the far right. Tasks from different projects cannot be added here, however, there is an option to easily add more items manually right below the task list.

The order of tasks in the list can be changed using drag and drop on the icon before the task name. Each task is accompanied by information about its activity, units, rate, discount, and price. The first four items can be edited manually by clicking on the pencil icon, which appears when hovering the mouse cursor over the item value. The price is calculated automatically when units and rates are entered. Please note that rates can be entered either manually or automatically based on the activity assuming that the list rates per activities have already been set in Project Budgets and Cash flow module, which should, therefore, be also enabled on the project. The total discount and total price can be found just below the task list. In the footer can be added your signature with logo, for example.

Easy Redmine 2018 Project calculation 07.jpg

Some customizable options can be found in the sidebar menu:

  • Export theme settings: Here you can customize header style such as background color, text color and add a logo.
  • Page orientation: Switch between portrait and landscape.
  • Page size: Switch between A4 and A3.
  • Preview: Displays export preview on the screen.
  • Save to disk as PDF file: Download exported project calculation as PDF file.
  • Save as planned revenue: Add the project calculation as a new planned income or new real income into planned/real incomes overview within Project Budgets and Cash flow module.


Roles and permissions

In More: Administration: Roles and permissions: Project calculation you can decide which user roles have the permissions to add tasks to project calculation or remove tasks from project calculation.

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