Project statistics

Statistics statistika

How to use project statistics

If you want to have even more control over your projects, there are Project Statistics. On the overview page of project you can set a panel with some basic statistics.

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To see this panel, you have to first find the Personalize this page button, it is usually on the bottom left of the project overview page. In the personalization, you will find series of boxes in which you can choose what you want to see. The options are categorized, so you can find it quicker.

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After that just click "Save page and go back" on the top left. You will see the sidebar above with all the basic information about this particular project. Let's get back to what this sidebar contains.

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Due date, estimated time and spent time - you can find a description in another knowledge base post. Indicator = thanks to this, you can watch if there are any tasks in this project overdue. If they are overdue, the indicator will turn orange. If everything goes according to plan it will be green like you can see here. And if the project passes its own due date, the indicator will turn red. If you make a project as planned, the indicator will be always green, no matter the circumstances. Overall activity = you will see all activities made in this project in one list.

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On the right side, you can sort what you see, or check everything and see everything at once. Statistics =  In this option you will see graphically shown statistics of the project.

Easy Redmine 2018 Project statistics 05.jpg

You can choose in the tabs above what exactly you want to see. and on the right, you can set what statuses you want to see in the charts.

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