Task relations

Relations tasks

Easy Redmine provides 8 types of tasks relations

related to - Just adds a link to the other task.
duplicates - Links tasks so that closing one, will close the other (e.g. closing A will close B). For

example, if task B duplicates A:
- closing B will leave A open
- closing A will automatically close B

duplicated by - Reciprocal of duplicates.
For example, if task A is duplicated by task B: - closing B will leave A open
- closing A will automatically close B

blocks - Links tasks so that closing one can be blocked by an task which is still open. If task B blocks A, A can't be closed unless B is.

blocked by - Reciprocal of blocks.
precedes - Links tasks to define an "order", where A needs to be completed x days before B can be

started on. If B follows A, you can't give B a starting date equal or less than the ending date of A. • follows - Reciprocal of precedes.

If task B follows A (ex A ends the 21/04 and B begin the 22/04)and you add +2 day at the

ending date of A, the starting and ending dates of B will be +2 too.
copied from - Links tasks to identify whether it was copied, and from which task it was copied from. • copied to - Reciprocal of copied from.

To add a new task relation, Easy Project provides 2 variant:
1. On particular tasks in More menu choose the option Add related task

Here you choose the relation type, the task, and for Precedes of Follows relation types, you can choose the delay in days also.

Easy Redmine 2018 Task relations 01.jpg


Corner situations

  • It's not allowed to add a relation between a parent task and its subtask
  • Between two tasks can be no more than 2 relations (start-start, finish-finish)
  • Any combinations of relations leading to a cyclic sequence of tasks (looping) are not allowed
    This includes attempting to create a relation with any task that has a parent

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