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Elektrowin is a non-profit organization that specializes in collecting electronic waste. Easy Redmine is used for transparent management of the organization.



The main goal was to have a system to manage the organization transparently, get basis for meetings and for strategic decision making. Also for tracking project progress: planning, tracking of project stages, document management, tracking of tasks, project profit and project finance.



In this implementation., the basic features of Easy Redmine were used. A "Gantt chart" is used for project planning and it is also possible to export the Gantt chart into PDF. Project stages are divided to milestones, documents are attached to tasks or to project documentation. The Budgets & Cash Flow extension is used for tracking finance and projects are self-funded, therefore incomes are perceived as budget of the project.


Plugins used


Field: non-profit organization
Employees: 15+
Original apps: Excel sheets
Implementation in: 2014

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