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Keratech is a modern company from the Czech Republic which has their own manufacturing business, focusing on producing fireproof materials. Easy Redmine is used for tracking customer contracts and contact management.


The challenge was to implement contract planning and tracking of clients as well as differentiation of deliveries according to the type of product, document management for each delivery and restricted access to documents for users. Also, the client requested tracking of attendance and management of user presence in the office or on business trips. Moreover, we implemented overviews creation for time spent, meeting planning and tracking of other users' availability.



Each project has a custom field to track the type of product it refers to. Each client belongs to a unique project with a sub-project structure, thus enabling the admins to track all deliveries. Documents have their versions and are categorized. This feature allows managing access to documents according to a role on the project. Documents can be filtered using the "Project Documents" plugin.

Users plan attendance and business trips using a module in Easy Redmine. If they forget to plan their attendance, an assistant will add the respective entries for them. The overview of time spent is available in the "Budget Sheet" plugin. Meetings are planned in the "Meeting calendar" on the Home page. Users can see meetings of coworkers and the availability of meeting rooms.
No custom modifications were necessary.


Plugins used:


Field: engineering
Employees: 12+
Current applications:
Implementation in: 2013, support 2014

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