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BANZAI is the leading Italian e-Commerce operator: in 2013, their customers placed over 1 million orders and spent more than 150 million Euro using our solution.

BANZAI MEDIA reaches 17.9 million Italians a month and 3 million every day (data from Audiweb View – Total Audience for September). It is due to their specific usage, quality content and services. They offer a unique opportunity for companies that wish to reach out to these segments. Company use Easy Redmine to manage projects, finance, resources and people.


Banzai were using an older version of Redmine on their own servers. Easy Redmine was sought to provide professional services including hosting and maintenance of the system, necessary data migration from the older Redmine and development of some desired functionality. Naturally, a significant factor was the software itself and its enhancements of Redmine including all Easy Redmine plugins.


Data migration was scheduled on a specified time and date on which the whole operation was transfered from Banzai servers to the Easy Redmine server and the migration finished slightly ahead of schedule. Among the client's most required plugins were Resource managementHelp deskBudgets and Cash flow, Timesheets or External storages.


Banzai-Easy Redmine-Resource Management

 Banzai-Easy Redmine-Timesheets

Even though Easy Redmine is hosted on our servers, the client requested to access the instance using a custom URL on their own server. This was provided as an additional service in close cooperation with their server admins.

Further development included creation of a specific form of reports of the time spent.


Plugins used

All Easy Redmine plugins available:


Field: E-commerce
Country: Italy
Redmine users: 200+
Implementation in: Autumn 2014
Solution: Hosted

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