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We have been asked (not very rarely) about this possibility - attendance in Easy Redmine can be tracked with using biometric readers.

Our valued client Gita Technologies Ltd. has prepared a brief manual on how to integrate biometric login data into Easy Redmine where all the aggregated reporting is managed.

Integration of biometric attendance logging into Easy Redmine

Gita Technologies decided to take the attendance report process one step further.

ZD2F20 Realand biometric reader is used to store all employees' fingerprints and to schedule hourly logs by software called RIMS.

Those logs contain details about all attendances users' reports (arrival time, departure time, user ID and so on).

Every half an hour, a designated internal server processes the logs and inserts them as new records into the Redmine database by using simple python script integrated with Easy Redmine Attendance REST API.

Easy Redmine source code was modified just very slightly to find out where the attendance logs are being created from. A new icon was added to differentiate logs from the biometric reader.

GITA TECHNOLOGIES-biometric attendance logs-Easy Redmine Plugin



Information about client

Field: IT - security systems
Country: Israel
Redmine users: <30
Client since: Spring 2014
Solution: On-premise

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