Easy Redmine is complex company&project management app

Easy Redmine for complex project & company management

supports all phases of your projects - pre-sale, delivery, support


All you need for successful projects & effective management

Easy Redmine supports whole project life cycle, so you can start with an area where you feel the most urgent need. Afterwards Easy Redmine can grow with you thank to the features which work as separately installable extensions - so you always pay only for what you need & use, while keeping application lean. 

Where can you gain benefits

  • Project Initialization
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Sustainability
  • Back Office Processes
  • Personal Management

Why shoud you try Easy Redmine

  • Lean & Extensible
  • Easy Implementation
  • Open Source
  • Cloud or your own server
  • Localised into 14 languages - check status
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How does Easy Redmine look like

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Additional information
  • The biggest benefit for our company is the interaction of individual modules. The coherence of modules enables us to respond more flexibly to changing conditions, especially in the "turbulent" environment of our mobility division. Thanks to Easy Redmine we can now edit various values according to the requirements of the project agile development. Now we know who is working on what, how long it takes, why something is overdue, where we have free capacity of people and vice versa. We directly obtain relevant data with good predicative ability which streamlines our projects.

    Robert Zavacky
    CEO | Become Ltd.
  • "EasyRedmine has allowed us to take control of our projects, become more efficient and have visibility into projects that we haven’t had in the past.  The support staff at EasyRedmine has assisted us in developing ways to meet our unique business needs.  EasyRedmine is simple to use and helps provide a cohesiveness among our different departments.  I would highly recommend EasyRedmine for businesses who are looking for a cost efficient project management system."

    David R. Grow
    Manager, Compliance Services | CompliancePoint, Inc.
  • "Easy Redmine helps us a lot. For example, we can utilize our employees very well with Resource management. We have also bought other plugins, which we use for tracking project costs and incomes."

    Paul Lendrates
    | TRANSPOREON GmbH, Germany
  • "We use Easy Redmine to simplify our work in managing projects. We made a few tweaks ourselves to this Open source application, but we are overall very satisfied."

    Elmar Bransch
    Executive Director | Minkenberg Medien GmbH, Germany
  • "It was one of the most stressful maintenance windows I've ever attended – and YOUR EasyRedmine product made it really, really smooth. A KEY element to our success! Congrats! Thank you!"

    Malcolm Mead
    President/CEO | The Mead Group, Inc.
  • "We adopted Easy Redmine six months ago in order to control all of our web projects.
    We are very happy as we now have a strong visibility in terms of control of costs and staffing resources and we also have a powerful tool for interaction with our customers."

    Cyril Lécot
    Operations Manager | Netquarks
  • Easy Redmine met our needs out of the box. The product is feature rich and the price is low compared to products with similar features. We are satisfied with the performance of the product and would not hesitate to choose it again.

    Judy Pauline Ratliff
    Project Manager | University of Tennessee, USA
  • "We are absolutely happy with the system. Easy Redmine provides me all the information I need. I find Easy Redmine very good tool for project management."

    Vladimir Zarov
    Senior Consultant | Awara IT Solutions, Rusia
  • "We are satisfied with the Easy Redmine at all. We have 25 users in the system now, however we will grow for sure. We work with Agile Board a lot and we plan to buy more plugins soon."

    Daniel Wippermann
    Product Manager | Resol, Germany

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