Easy Redmine is complex company&project management app

Easy Redmine for complex project & company management

supports all phases of your projects - pre-sale, delivery, support


All you need for successful projects & effective management

Easy Redmine supports whole project life cycle, so you can start with an area where you feel the most urgent need. Afterwards Easy Redmine can grow with you thank to the features which work as separately installable extensions - so you always pay only for what you need & use, while keeping application lean. 
  1. Projects & tasks for daily operation
  2. Gantt & Resource Management for planning
  3. Help Desk for customer care
  4. CRM & Budgets & Cash Flow to drive your business
  5. Attendance & Invoicing for backoffice automation

Where can you gain benefits

  • Project Initialization
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Sustainability
  • Back Office Processes
  • Personal Management

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  • "Easy Redmine has been an incredible change in our organization at a very affordable price. Other solutions we looked into before commiting to your product were way too expensive and we could not afford."
    David García García
  • "We want to congratulate you for your really great product “Easy Redmine”. We are absolute happy with it..."

    Michael, Germany

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